Legislative Priorities

TSNO is monitoring closely school nursing related legislation in the 85th Regular Legislation Session and in taking precise and assertive action. Reach out to your local state representatives in addressing this year's TSNO Legislative Priorities.

View the 2017 TSNO Weekly Legislative Updates. 

Attached is the Talking Points for the Parent Notification Bills (SB 673 Miles and HB 1847 Coleman) from the Advocacy Committee. We need for all members to take action now.  Please call your local senator and representative in asking for their support in voting "Yes" for these two bills!   SB 673 has been referred to the Education Committee which makes it a priority in our action. CLICK HERE

Go to Texas Legislative Online for contact information in the "Who Represents Me?" section.

Student's healthcare, first and foremost in our driven passion.

2017 Legislative Priorities

TOA Spinal Screening 

Parent Notification Flyer