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The Role of the School Nurse

Texas School Nurses - Supporting Student Success 

A tri-fold brochure that outlines the roles of the school nurse, the scope of school nurse practice, tips for a healthy school year, and more.

Supporting the Professional Registered Nurse as the School Nurse 

A presentation that outlines nurse practice act definitions, delegation rules, and more.

Before a word is spoken . . .The School RN has made 101 Assessments!

A poster that conveys the assessments a school nurse makes when coming into contact with a student. 
Small version 
Large version 11" x 14"

Where's my School Nurse?

A poster.

Better Health. Better Learning.TM toolkit 

This toolkit from the National Association of School Nurses includes key messages, infographics, and templates to use with presentations, email messaging and letters.  The downloadable items require member login.

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Advocacy Links

One in forty-four registered voters In the United States are nurses, and 95% of nurses vote. That gives nurses a huge voice! School nurses are affected by laws on the federal, state and local level.

Here are some links that speak about Nursing Advocacy.

Governing Magazine Online 

NEA Issues and Action 

NASN Policy & Advocacy web page 

If you would like to increase your understanding of how our governmental processes work, there are several online sources that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know and then some.

United States Government


House of Representatives

Library of Congress - Thomas

The State Of Texas

Texas Legislature

Current Legislative Issues - TSNO Weekly Bill Update

TNA Nursewatch  

NLAC Weekly Bill Update

Talking Points for Parent Notification Bills

The Advocacy Committee was charged to develop talking points on HB 1720 by Phillips which relates to parental notice regarding an incident of lice in a public elementary school.
Below is a template members can use in taking action in contacting their local representative now. 
First, go to Texas House Representative Directory.  Next, click on your local representative so you can easily send them a quick email or call.  It's that simple!
If you don't know who your representative is.  Go to the Texas Legislature Online and enter your information under Who Represents Me?   

Dear (insert legislator’s name here):


(something nice and pleasant and personal that lets her/him know you’re in their district).


I am writing to you regarding HB 1720 (Phillips, regarding the notification of parents if there is one child with lice in a public elementary classroom). As a school nurse, I want to make sure you have all the facts regarding this issue.

Current best practice and advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the National Association of School Nurses indicates that lice are merely a nuisance and do not require exclusion from school. ( Lice is not a reportable condition to our state’s Department of State Health Services.


Unfortunately, lice carry a stigma that, as a parent, I can understand. In reality, a child in school is much more likely to contract the flu and other airborne illness than he or she is to contract lice- which simply are not that contagious, even in a school setting.


It would be a an undue burden on school staff and administrators to notify parents of a problem that is far less transmissible and less germane than many other infectious diseases--like MRSA, impetigo, or the flu--to public health and the school community.


Please do not require schools to spend their already limited resources notifying parents of this benign problem. 

Thank you so much for your time, and thank you for your service to our state!