TSNO 2015 Conference


2015 Evaluations and Certificate of Completion

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Download instructions to complete your evaluations and obtain your certificate of completion.

Excellence in School Nursing Poster Showcase

Please share your best practices with your fellow nurses.  We want to showcase the ideas and programs that our varied and talented nurses across the state use in their practice at our Annual Conference in November in San Antonio.  LVN abstracts must be co-authored by an RN.

View a presentation, What, Why and How To to learn more.
Download guidelines and application.  Applications are due no later than October 15, 2016.

Business Meeting 

The Annual Business Meeting will be held Sunday, November 6, 2016 from 8:45 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. in conjunction with the TSNO Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas. All members are invited to attend. Here are some documents you will find helpful:

TSNO Business Meeting Standing Rules 
TSNO Business Meeting Agenda 
TSNO Decorum for Members 
2014 Business Meeting Minutes 

Bylaws Proposal 15-01 

Officer, Board and Committee Chair Annual Reports (member login required)

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Nominations Committee 

NASN Director 
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   Organizational Growth 
   Regional Gain/Loss 
Professional Development Committee & Education Coordinator 
Regional President Liaison 
School Health Issues 

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Session Presentations and Handouts

Batches of Scratches: Pediatric Skin Patches  Presentation/Handouts 

Caring for the Student with Diabetes  PresentationHandouts 

Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity: When does one need to be gluten free?  Presentation / Handouts

Common Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) Problems in School Aged Population  Presentation / Handouts 

Genetics for School Nurse Providers  PresentationHandouts 

Geriatrics - How it Might Affect your Practice as a School Nurse  Presentation / Handouts

Help for the Grieving Student: Giving Hope for Healing  Presentation / Handouts 

Infants of Mothers with Substance Abuse  PresentationHandouts 

Nurses in School Outreach: Insure Our Children  PresentationHandouts  

Nursing Jurisprudence and Ethics For School Nurses  Handouts

Poster - School Nurse Workload: Students are More than Numbers  Poster / Handout

Return to Learn (R2L)  Presentation

The Texas Two Step: Legislative Update  Handouts 

What is Child Abuse?  Handouts 

What is the Frequent Flyer in Your Clinic Trying to Tell You? The role of the school nurse in bullying prevention  PresentationHandouts