Region of the Year Award

DEADLINE: Must be received by the TSNO Nominations Committee Chairman by June 15 of each year. Mail to: Deana Bunting, 8655 Manion Dr., Beaumont, TX 77706.

APPLICATION: Letter stating what your region has done to fulfill one or more of the TSNO's strategic plan.

PURPOSE: The Region of the Year Award recognizes and rewards regions that support TSNO's mission by advancing the goals of the organization's strategic plan which are:

    • Establish communication.

  • Define and advance the practice of professional school nursing.

  • Promote awareness and understanding of the role of the school nurse.

  • Maintain and promote fiscal responsibility.

AWARDS: A plaque and $50.00 will be awarded to the region scoring the most points in each section listed below. Each selected region will be profiled on the TSNO Website and recognized at the annual conference. A region may apply for an award in more than one area, but will not be chosen for more than two awards in any year.

Members of the TSNO Nominations Committee will evaluate each application and the supporting documentation. Regions will be scored on how well they meet the criteria listed below. The region scoring the most points will be given the Region of the Year Award. The decision of the Nominations Committee will be final.

PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE: Points are awarded to the region that best demonstrates excellence in defining, evaluating, and continually improving the practice of school nursing.

  • Participate in school health activities that support the specialty practice of school nursing.

  • Promote quality school health/school nursing educational programs.

  • Support the integration and use of NASN/TSNO Position Statements in daily practice.

  • Promote certification of members. (NBCSN)

  • Report increase in number of certified members from May 1 of previous year to April 30 of current year.

EDUCATION, COMMUNICATION, AND INFORMATION RESOURCES: Points are awarded to the region that best demonstrates excellence in developing, promoting and providing meaningful and affordable educational products and services for its members and for parents and communities.

  • Serve as a resource and information center for school nurses, school staff members, parents and communities.

  • Develop and promote educational programs, products and other informational resources for school health professionals and school communities.

COORDINATED SCHOOL HEALTH ACTIVITIES: Points are awarded to the region that best demonstrates excellence in identifying, evaluating and pursuing opportunities for coordinated alliances that improve the role of the school nurse and the specialty area of school nursing.

  • Establish working relationships with other organizations with complementary missions and goals.

  • Develop and influence public policy independently, or in conjunction with allied organizations, as appropriate.

  • Promote the use of evidence-based practice.

  • Collaborate with appropriate research organizations.