Texas Youth Suicide Prevention Project

Free online training for Middle and High School Staff

Mental Health America of Texas, with support from the Texas Department of State Health Services, is sponsoring an important student wellness program whereby your school qualifies for free online training for educators and school staff. Thousands of teachers and staff in hundreds of schools in Texas have already trained. The training as well as outreach materials (email template, flyer, presentation slides) are available.

At-Risk for Middle School and At-Risk for High School: Online Interactive Training for Educators can be a component of your district's suicide prevention plan, as required by HB1386. Key features of this free, 1 hour virtual training include:

  • A guided interactive training simulation: enables learners to recognize the common indicators of psychological distress and provides methods for approaching an at-risk student for referral to the appropriate school support service. Benefits of this program include overall increased academic performance and attendance.
  • A unique online course customized for Texas schools: specifically designed for Texas schools.
  • A virtual practice environment: learners engage in conversations with emotionally responsive student avatars so they are better prepared to handle similar real-world situations.
  • A flexible, user-friendly environment: Educators and staff can utilize these programs any time, any place.
  • Proven success! Participants report upon completion:
    • 79% rated their preparedness high or very high prepared to recognize warning signs of psychological distress, including thoughts of suicide.
    • 78% rated their preparedness high or very high to motivate students exhibiting signs of psychological distress to seek help.
    • 82% rated their preparedness high or very high in conducting challenging conversations with students.

Research shows that nearly 50% of lifetime mental disorders begin by the mid-teens and 14.5% of high school students have seriously considered suicide. Anxiety, depression, substance abuse and other common conditions can compromise students’ academic achievement and disrupt the learning environment. Education staff can play a vital role in ensuring these students receive the help and support they need to stay on a course for a happy, healthy and productive life.

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