Board of Directors

To contact a member of the Board, be sure you are logged into the site, click on the individual's name, and then select 'Send Message' to send a message to the individual's email account.

If you don't have a user account, you can create one using the link on the login page or contact TSNO using the contact form.

Executive Committee

Lisa Formby - Region 16

Karen Schwind - Region 13

Luisa Herrera- Region 19

Sarah Alexander- Region 15

NASN Director 
Francis Luna - Region 10

Nominations Coordinator
Laurie Smith - Region 8

Standing Committee

Advocacy Chair
Becca Harkleroad - Region 13

Professional Development
Lisa Sicilio - Region 6

Member Services
Denise Kablaitis - Region 13

School Health Issues
Amber Cichocki - Region 10

Appointed Committee Chairs

Conference Registrar
Wendi Kendrick

Website Coordinator/Executive Liaison/Marketing Coordinator
Kara DeLay - Region 8

Exhibit Liaison
Amy Huey - Region 10

Regional Presidents Coordinator
Deana Bunting - Region 5

Membership Coordinator
Linda Howard - Region 8 

Communications Coordinator
Brandy Bowlen - Region 4