School Nurse of the Year

Do you know a great nurse? Share all that she (he) does for students, faculty, and community by nominating that nurse for Texas School Nurse of the Year. What makes a great school nurse? High expectations for ourselves and our students, the ability to actively listen, energy to go the extra mile, knowing when to ask for help and where to seek it out, and a creative slant. Sound like someone you know? One applicant per region, must be submitted through the Region President. If you have any questions, contact Deana Bunting at

Nomination Form

Resource: Access an outline of the School Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice

Nomination form and all supporting documents must be received electronically no later than midnight CDTJune 15.

Previous Winners:

          2020 Patricia Adams, Reg 13
          2019 Leslie Shields

         2018 Miriam Carmichael Reg 19
          2017 Martha Anderson Reg 14
          2016 Angela Hageman, Reg 10

          2015 Aida Salazar, Reg 19

2014 Karen Adams, Reg 4

2013 Judith Grace, Reg 10

2012 Katherine Johnson, Reg 10

2011 Dottie Lindner, Reg 20

2010 Jaunita Valdez, Reg 18

2009 Christina Maxwell, Reg 19

2009 Sherry Freeland, Reg 10

2008 Elaine Vassar Olivera Reg 20

2007 Robin L. Harvel, Reg 20

2006 Nancy Haegele, Reg 19

2005 Kathy Zimmerman, Reg 20

2004 Michelle Fernandez, Reg 19

2003 Kathy Powell, Reg 10