State Agency Links

Texas Administrative Code (TAC)

The TAC is a compilation of all state agency rules in Texas. There are 16 titles in the TAC. Each title represents a category and relating agencies are assigned to the appropriate title.

Texas Board of Nursing (BON)

RN's in a school setting follow several different guidelines; one of them being the BON.

Texas Constitution and Statutes

This State website contains the Education Code including:

Chapter 22 School District Employees and Volunteers, Section 22.052 Administration of Medication by School District Employees or Volunteer Professionals; Immunity from Liability.

Chapter 38 Health and Safety, Section 38.0151 Policies for Care of Certain Students At Risk for Anaphylaxis.

Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS)

Visit the DSHS website.

Go to DSHS > School Health Advisory Councils section.

Go to DSHS > School Health Program section.  It includes SB27 Guidelines; Guidelines for the Care of Students with Food Allergies At-Risk for Anaphylaxis developed as required by Texas Education Code Section 38.0151. Scroll down to the "Of Special Interest within this Site" to access section for the link to the update.

Go to DSHS > Immunization Branch > School & Child-Care Facility Requirements section.

Screening resource pages:

Vision and Hearing Screening           Vision, Hearing and Spinal Screening Requirements

Spinal Screening Program Guidelines       Scoliosis Brief Overview    BON School Nursing Delegation Tree

Managing Head Lice in School Settings and at Home

Vapes Down Campaign        Download Campaign Material

Texas Education Agency (TEA)

Visit the TEA website.

Texas State Library and Archives Commission

This State website contains the Retention Schedule for Records of Public School Districts; Student Health Records.